MnATSA Conference

MnATSA 2016 Power Point


2017 Conference:

Katie and Marie will be presenting on April 21, 2017 and will be talking about creative resources in the community to address risk. The workshop is titled:

Working with Juveniles in the Community and Connecting Them to Community Resources

Marie will be presenting on April 20, 2017 this year with a representative from Dodge Fillmore and Olmsted County Victim Services on the following topic:

Sexual Exploitation and Juvenile Offending Behaviors

Juveniles who offend or who are at risk of sexual exploitation often present with a variety of psychosocial issues. These include poverty, homelessness or running away, experiencing sexual and/or physical violence in the home, lack of familial or social support, chemical dependency or mental health issues, and living in a group home, treatment center or foster care. This workshop will explore how victim services and services for juvenile offenders can work together to provide appropriate services to juvenile offenders who are also victims of sexual exploitation.