About us/Locations

Marie Grace, MA, LMFT and Katherine Farrington, MA, LPCC  created Skipped Parts, LLC in 2014 after working with individuals who have sexually offended in secure facilities and noticing the need for outpatient services for lower risk individuals as well as a much needed service for families of offenders as well as people with other issues related to sexuality in hopes of providing preventative services for people prior to offending.

It is the mission of Skipped Parts, LLC to provide therapeutic services to clients dealing with sexual behavior problems, sexual identity issues, sexual abuse survival and porn addiction by using ATSA guidelines by delivering therapeutic services through non-judgmental approaches.

Skipped Parts, LLC has developed a reputation of providing research-guided therapy services and evaluations identifying and treating the criminogenic needs of the individual. Since our inception four years ago, we have provided sex offense specific therapy and/or psychosexual evaluations in thirty-four Minnesota counties.